Welcome to the new website for Photo DeLux Photography – where great photos are created from great light! Please explore this site for my portraiture, beauty, fashion, casual, nature and fine art photography (more soon to come). My name is Brian, and I am freelance photographer/fotograf currently based out of Stuttgart, Germany.

My current focus is “people photography”. Now when it comes to portraiture, it’s not only having great light that counts… although cliché, I think it’s also important to capture the beauty of the individual shining from within each person. This is often revealed through subtle natural expressions — in their posture, eyes and smile — and capturing that essence is what makes for a truly great portrait. This is what I strive for in my photography, to make not only a beautiful picture, but artistically reveal the beauty of the person within the picture.

“We take a lot from somebody when we take their picture. If not done carefully, we can take their dignity as well. The relationship between photographer and subject is crucial. You have one frame, one small impression, to represent everything that person is.” – Joey L

Need a photographic artst? Please don’t hesitate to contact me – Brian.