WordPress Horizontal Themes for Photographers Portfolios

I am still working on this photodelux.net website and trying to decide what I want it to be and how I want it to look. For now I envision a mix between my portfolio presentation as well as a blog of my photographic journey, with photography related news and interesting tidbits as I come across them. One thing I have noticed lately in viewing other photographers websites, is that I really love the horizontal scroll or “filmstrip” view of their portfolios! Several inspirational websites I’ve seen lately include: Creative Smiles Photography (© credit: featured image example for this post), Mecuro B Cotto, David Thomas, Chanel Rene, George Favios, Jason Christopher, and Pierre Dal Corso (uses 4ormat) as well as many more.

Highlight theme for WordPress

Highlight theme for WordPress

While most of the websites look to be simple custom-built websites, I plan to only build my website WordPress — but can WordPress do a “horizontal theme”? After a lot of research I’ve discovered the answer is: Yes – yes it is possible! There are very few horizontal scrolling themes for WordPress out there though, so it took some time to find them. Here are the best wordpress horizontal scrolling themes that I could find:

While website viewers do not like to scroll horizontally to “read” a website (especially if your website is sized too large for their display), they do love to “view” pictures by scrolling left to right — just like flipping through a book. Not only are most monitors widescreen now to accommodate this with bigger relative scroll bars, but the nature of panning from left-to-right through a collection of images is just naturally brilliant. I plan to start testing with these soon!

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